Our purpose

Our purpose is to mainstream the Consciousness Economy, as we envision a world where all brands have a higher sense of purpose that fuels their growth and delivers meaningful impact to society and the world.

We are undergoing a major economic paradigm shift that is only beginning to reveal its immense potential by the sheer number of companies and products that have begun to align themselves with a purpose-driven message. To live well, facilitate positive change and continually strive for a higher sense of meaning is critical to be relevant and make a lasting impact with today's consumer.

Central to the Consciousness Economy is purpose-driven profit of which the potential and possibility is only beginning to be realized. As today's consumer wants health and happiness for themselves and good things for the world, smart brands are shifting their strategies to win hearts, wallet, and loyalty.

The Consciousness Economy represents a game changer that's building billion dollar businesses. To thrive, you must align.


We're a strategic advisory firm that taps the potential of purpose to create demand and grow profits for Fortune 500 brands. Leveraging our Consciousness Rating System™, we benchmark your company's score across its key assets to develop a custom purpose-driven strategy, approach and activation plan.

We deliver marketing services that pinpoint opportunities to shift or strengthen a brand's presence in this burgeoning market. Because of the mainstream trajectory of this economic shift and the immense impact it's already having on the market, it’s something all marketers should understand and pay attention to.

We have now launched a new website for The Consciousness Economy mission. Please head over to the new website at consciousness-economy.com to find out more or get in touch if you have any questions.