Beyond Purpose & Profit: The game changer that builds billion dollar companies

Published on October 26th, 2016 on LinkedIn

Smart brands are doing good things, and they are winning the hearts, wallets, and loyalty of conscious consumers. They know the market has evolved from “I can do good and make money” to “I must do good to make money.”

We recently published a white paper about the rise of the Consciousness Economy™. In it, we examine how this economy came to rise, the industries it influences, the consumer mindset behind it and what it means for brands.

JLJ Marketing CE Diagram.jpg


The recent acquisition buzz around Seventh Generation and The Honest Company demonstrate that consciousness is driving valuations up, and is a powerful force in consumer buying decisions. With major companies like Unilever realizing the importance of aligning themselves into this new economy, it’s clear the market is undergoing a major shift.

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