Whitepaper: The Rise of The Consciousness Economy™

Today we published a whitepaper on The Rise of the Consciousness Economy, a fast growing economy of companies, products, and services that embrace the collective awareness of what’s good for me is good for the world, and are being rewarded for doing so at the store and on devices.

The paper asserts that during these times of social instability consciousness has become both an economic stimulus and a catalyst for change. Companies who want to see both brand sentiment and profit thrive will take notice.

what is the conSciousness economy?

The Consciousness Economy can be described as actions involving commerce that directly or indirectly makes the world better, or allows one to go about their daily routine without doing harm to the world; while positively communicating those messages. It is where consumers put their voice into action through, purchasing products that demonstrate an alignment with doing good for the world, rejecting fear based messages, instead embracing and aligning with the positive, and engaging in mindfulness activities that are focused on self-improvement in both personal and professional environments.

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