This awareness-driven economy reflects the growing collective awareness that what’s good for me is good for the world. It is an era of socially evolved companies that will introduce products, services, and content that either honor or actively raise consciousness, and perhaps foster true social change through their platform, mission, or simply to uproot an imbalanced status quo. 

Whereas the Sharing Economy gave consumers a voice, the Consciousness Economy is where consumers put their voice into action and effect change. More than a fad, trend, or movement the Consciousness Economy is a paradigm shift that can be identified across geographies, demographics, psychographics, socio-economic groups, and throughout generations.

what it is

The Consciousness Economy can be described as actions involving commerce that: 1) Directly or indirectly makes the world better, or 2) Allows one to go about their daily routine without doing harm to the world and 3) Communicate messages in a positive manner.

This growing economy is demonstrated in the popularity of the companies, activities, and messages that connect to the part in us that wants to do the right thing and the awareness of the impact of our choices on our bodies and on the world. It reflects our awareness that we are mindful of what we consume; from the products we buy to the messages and content that promote them.

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